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UPC Global About

About UPC Global

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Unlimited Petroleum Consulting Inc. (UPC Global), is a leading Artificial Lift Technologies consulting company that provides turnkey solutions for artificially-lifted wells. We are dedicated in supplying software, hardware, and training to analyze and optimize the performance of oil and gas wells. UPC’s product line also extends to Polish Rods, Clamps, Blow out Preventers (BOP), and Stuffing Boxes.

We have exclusive alliances with Echometer, Theta Oilfield Services, C-Fer Technologies, and IHS. Our devotion to quality has made us the dominant service company and supplier throughout Latin America, and consulting in the US. Our knowledgeable sales staff can provide you with valuable information that will enable you to make the best decision on the products and services that best meets your needs and budget.


UPC Global started over 15 years ago in Venezuela and quickly expanded operations in Colombia, Mexico and the US. Headquartered in Katy, Texas. UPC Global has turned into a top provider of pumping units, production equipment and optimization Software for Artificial Lift systems. Due to growth and in response to our clients' needs, UPC Global is now servicing markets in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. By way of increasing market share through quality products, service and engineering experience.

We strive on client satisfaction, professionalism, and industry knowledge which ensures strong relationships and long term business success. Contact us today to find out how we can work together to produce effective plan for your Artificial Lift needs. Our quotation process is quick, simple and convenient.


To become a leading corporation in the field of consulting, Training and project execution to optimize oil production and improvement of safety and occupational health.


Provide advanced technical support to oil companies or services to optimize oil production mainly by Artificial Lift, transferring our knowledge and best practices in the use of equipment and Software we supply, user Training courses and consulting on special projects, promoting conditions and safe working environment and supported by a qualified team of specialists in each area.


  •      Faith
  •      Professionalism
  •      Teamwork
  •      Commitment
  •      Comprehensiveness 

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410 West Grand Parkway South Ste 103, Katy, TX 77494

About Us

Unlimited Petroleum Consulting Inc. (UPC Global), is a leading Artificial Lift Technologies consulting company that provides integrated solutions for artificially-lifted wells. 

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